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astig! love the first photo. hmm, i ought to try that one of these days. swimming and smoking, wehehe.

p.s. hey Sid! is there any way i could save my personal info wheneven i try to submit my comments? my personal info won't save anything, and i kept on filling up the form everytime i made my comment. it's a drag really.


That was an amusing shot on the first one. Smoke and swim hehehe.

The 2nd one is a good character shot


Tena koe ehoa
Wonderful Sidney, the adaptation of man to the environment he's in.

I'm reminded on childhood days when we bath outside in the summer months at night. We had a cast iron bath tub that was propped up on fire bricks we will filled it with hose water while a fire was prepared and lit beneath it to heat the water.

An extremely refreshing and rewarding experience bathing while watching the progression of night come and sometimes pass. I brought that aspect, when I moved later in life, to the city. Something that wasn't always accepted by town folk but, most of my friends at the time loved the freedom of the experience.


Never seen anyone trying to swim ant the same time! Brilliant capture.


I'm really enjoying your Laguna de Bay posts. The photos are beautiful. I think you're doing a great job of capturing the mood and spirit of this place and these people.


Hahaha, must be very difficult swimming with a sigarette.
Hope he doesn't run out of breath.

19 Seconds Of Spring

Is that what we call "smoke on the water"? :)


smoken and swimming! very difficult


Smoke on the water :-) Nice portraits.


when I was a smoker, I could swim and keep my butt going, but why would you want to, more wonderful shots on this series


hello sidney :) I like those pictures, but not the cigarette :(

kind regards and GOD BLESS!

Otto K.

Gotta protect that cigarette. :-) Particularly like the second one.

Al Bjørnstad

Interesting... walking in the water with a cigarette. hmmm...
The second picture is a very good photo of a filipino fisherman.

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